A1SuretyBonds.com is always striving to provide a faster and easier way for contractors to receive the bonds they need no matter the specific work they are performing and where they are performing it. Recently, our website has been updated for the state of Alabama, and a total of 58 new bond types can be applied for on several levels, including state, county and municipality.

This makes the process of obtaining surety bonds easier than ever before. The online application process for surety bonds can be completed quickly without any headaches or red tape, and you can pay the required fees electronically. View the new Alabama contractor’s license surety bonds here.

Alabama Contractor’s License Surety Bonds

A contractor’s license surety bond is a monetary guarantee that a contractor will fulfill his or her obligations in a number of matters, including accepting bids, paying subcontractors and performing work. Most bonds state that if a contractor fulfills the obligations in the bond, then it becomes invalid. However, if the contractor fails to live up to the obligations of the bond, then the surety of the bond becomes liable for the damages in the event they cannot be otherwise collected.

In Alabama, surety bonds are issued at nearly all governmental levels. The minimum amount and the cost the contractor pays to purchase them vary, and determining this specific information is often difficult and time consuming. Our goal is to help you understand and apply for your required surety bonds.

Types of Surety Bonds in Alabama

Several types of surety bonds for Alabama can be obtained quickly and easily from A1SuretyBonds.com,
including all of the following:

  • Bid bonds – Bid bonds ensure that a contractor honors all bids for jobs should he or she be chosen. If the contractor backs out of the job, he or she is liable for the costs incurred in order to find a new bidder.
  • Performance bonds – These are often considered to be the most popular bonds. They ensure that a contractor performs acceptable work in the time frame and at the price stated in the contract.
  • Payment bonds – Payment bonds guarantee that a contractor pays all subcontractors and suppliers the money they are due for the work and materials required for a job.
  • Out of state contractor’s tax surety bonds – These bonds guarantee that contractors
  • pay all of their tax obligations while working in another state.
  • Permit surety bonds – Permit bonds ensure that a contractor performs work according to all state, county and municipal codes.

The Simplified Surety Bond Process for Alabama

Without the help of outside agencies, such as A1SuretyBonds.com, the bond application process takes a great deal of time and effort, but it must be completed in order to legally operate in the jurisdiction where the work will be done. The usual steps in this process are as follows:

  1. Determine the bonds you need for the job.
  2. Apply for the bonds.
  3. Wait for bond approval.
  4. Pay for the bonds.
  5. Submit bonds to the appropriate government agency.

Surety Bonds in Alabama

A1SuretyBonds.com now offers the following Contractors License Bonds in several Alabama jurisdictions, including the state, Cullman County, Jefferson County and the following cities: Auburn, Bessemer, Birmingham, Chickasaw, Dothan, Fairfield, Gulf Shores, Homewood, Hoover, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mountain Brook, Opelika, Prichard, Russellville, Saraland, Sheffield, Trussville, Tuscaloosa and Tuscumbia.

Many different types of contractors are required to obtain bonds in Alabama. If you are one of the following types, A1 Surety Bonds can help you: electrician, general contractor, plumber, building wrecker, clearing contractor, commercial refrigeration contractor, gasfitter, heating and cooling contractor, home builder, lawn sprinkler installer, tree cutter and stump grinder, landscaper, demolition contractor, excavator, paver and termite eradication contractor.